Drop In's

How to measure your planters for a drop in

Our recycled fiber planters are environmentally friendly and make seasonal change outs a breeze!  When the season is over you can remove your planter and compost it. Order a new one and we'll remove the old and compost it for you. Not sure what size to order? Take the following measurements and enter them into the form below. We'll email you with the best fit for your planter.

Step 1: inside top diameter

Measure the diameter of the inside of the pot.  Do not include the rim of the pot.

Step 2: inside bottom diameter

Measure the bottom diameter of the inside of the pot.

Step 3: Inside depth

Place a stick along the top of the pot.  From the center of the pot, measure from the bottom of the inside of the pot to the bottom of the stick.

Square & Rectangular Pot

Measure the length & width from inside the top and bottom of the pot.

fish bowl pot

Measure the inside diameter at its narrowest point. Do not include the rim of the pot.  

Unusual Shape pot

Email a picture of your pot to:


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